November 11th Events

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November 11th, 2006 (November 11 2006)EventThe New Zealand war memorial monument was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in London, United Kingdom, commemorating the loss of soldiers from the New Zealand Army and the British Army.
November 11th, 2004 (November 11 2004)EventNew Zealand Tomb of the Unknown Warrior dedicated at the National War Memorial, Wellington.Tom Ze Quotes
November 11th, 2004 (November 11 2004)EventYasser Arafat is confirmed dead by the Palestine Liberation Organization, of unidentified causes. Mahmoud Abbas is elected chairman of the PLO minutes later.Yasser Arafat Quotes
November 11th, 2001 (November 11 2001)EventJournalists Pierre Billaud, Johanne Sutton and Volker Handloik are killed in Afghanistan during an attack on the convoy they were traveling on top off.
November 11th, 2000 (November 11 2000)EventIn Kaprun, Austria, 155 skiers and snowboarders die when a cable car catches fire in an alpine tunnel.
November 11th, 1992 (November 11 1992)EventThe Church of England votes to allow women to become priests.
November 11th, 1975 (November 11 1975)EventAustralian constitutional crisis of 1975: Australian Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismisses the government of Gough Whitlam and commissions Malcolm Fraser as caretaker Prime Minister, and announces a general election to be held in early December.John Held Quotes
November 11th, 1972 (November 11 1972)EventVietnam War: VietnamizationThe United States Army turns over the massive Long Binh military base to South Vietnam.
November 11th, 1968 (November 11 1968)EventVietnam War: Operation Commando Hunt initiatedied in The goal was to interdict men and supplies on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, through Laos into South Vietnam.
November 11th, 1968 (November 11 1968)EventA second republic is declared in the Maldives.
November 11th, 1967 (November 11 1967)EventVietnam War: In a propaganda ceremony in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, three American prisoners of war are released by the Viet Cong and turned over to "new left" antiwar activist Tom Hayden.
November 11th, 1966 (November 11 1966)EventNASA launches spaceship Gemini 12.
November 11th, 1965 (November 11 1965)EventIn Rhodesia (modern-day Zimbabwe), the white-minority government of Ian Smith unilaterally declares independence.
November 11th, 1962 (November 11 1962)EventKuwait s National Assembly ratifies the Constitution of Kuwait.
November 11th, 1960 (November 11 1960)EventA military coup against President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam was crushed.
November 11th, 1942 (November 11 1942)EventWorld War II: Nazi Germany completed their occupation of France.
November 11th, 1940 (November 11 1940)EventWorld War II: Battle of TarantoThe Royal Navy launches the first aircraft carrier strike in history, on the Italian fleet at Taranto.
November 11th, 1940 (November 11 1940)EventThe German cruiser Atlantis captures top secret British mail, and sends it to Japan.
November 11th, 1940 (November 11 1940)EventArmistice Day Blizzard: An unexpected blizzard kills 144 in U.S. Midwest.
November 11th, 1933 (November 11 1933)EventDust Bowl: In South Dakota, a very strong dust storm strips topsoil from desiccated farmlands.
November 11th, 1930 (November 11 1930)EventPatent number US1781541 was awarded to Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard for their invention, the Einstein refrigerator.Leo Szilard Quotes
November 11th, 1926 (November 11 1926)EventU.S. Route 66 is established.
November 11th, 1924 (November 11 1924)EventPrime Minister Alexandros Papanastasiou proclaims the first Greek Republic.
November 11th, 1921 (November 11 1921)EventThe Tomb of the Unknowns is dedicated by US President Warren G. Harding at Arlington National Cemetery.Warren G. Harding Quotes
November 11th, 1919 (November 11 1919)EventThe Centralia Massacre in Centralia, Washington results the deaths of four members of the American Legion and the lynching of a local leader of the IWW.
November 11th, 1918 (November 11 1918)EventWorld War I ends: Germany signs an armistice agreement with the Allies in a railroad car outside of Compiegne in France. The war officially stops at 11:00 (The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month).
November 11th, 1918 (November 11 1918)EventJozef Pilsudski comes to Warsaw and assumes supreme military power in Polandied in Poland regains its independence.
November 11th, 1918 (November 11 1918)EventEmperor Charles I of Austria relinquishes power.
November 11th, 1911 (November 11 1911)EventMany cities in the U.S. Midwest broke their record highs and lows on the same day as a strong cold front rolls through. (see The 11/11/11 cold wave).
November 11th, 1889 (November 11 1889)EventWashington is admitted as the 42nd U.S. state.
November 11th, 1887 (November 11 1887)EventAnarchist Haymarket Martyrs August Spies, Albert Parsons, Adolph Fischer and George Engel are executed.
November 11th, 1887 (November 11 1887)EventConstruction of the Manchester Ship Canal starts at Eastham.
November 11th, 1880 (November 11 1880)EventAustralian Bushranger Ned Kelly is hanged at Melbourne Gaol.
November 11th, 1865 (November 11 1865)EventTreaty of Sinchula is signed in which Bhutan ceded the areas east of the Teesta River to the British East India Company.
November 11th, 1864 (November 11 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Sherman s March to the SeaUnion General William Tecumseh Sherman begins burning Atlanta, Georgia to the ground in preparation for his march south.William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes
November 11th, 1839 (November 11 1839)EventThe Virginia Military Institute is founded in Lexington, Virginia.
November 11th, 1831 (November 11 1831)EventIn Jerusalem, Virginia, Nat Turner is hanged after inciting a violent slave uprising.
November 11th, 1805 (November 11 1805)EventNapoleonic Wars: Battle of Durenstein8000 French troops attempted to slow the retreat of a vastly superior Russian and Austrian force.
November 11th, 1778 (November 11 1778)EventCherry Valley Massacre: an attack by Loyalists and Seneca Indian forces on a fort and village in eastern New York during the American Revolutionary War, killing more than forty civilians and soldiers.
November 11th, 1750 (November 11 1750)EventThe F.H.C. Society, also known as the Flat Hat Club, was formed at Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg, Virginia. It was the first college fraternity.
November 11th, 1724 (November 11 1724)EventJoseph Blake, alias Blueskin, a highwayman known for attacking "Thief-Taker General" (and thief) Jonathan Wild at the Old Bailey, is hanged in London.Jonathan King Quotes
November 11th, 1675 (November 11 1675)EventGottfried Leibniz demonstrated integral calculus for the first time to find the area under the graph of y = f(x) function.
November 11th, 1673 (November 11 1673)EventSecond Battle of Khotyn in the Ukraine, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under the command of Jan Sobieski. defeat the Ottoman army. In this battle, rockets of Kazimierz Siemienowicz were successfully used.
November 11th, 1634 (November 11 1634)EventFollowing pressure from Anglican bishop John Atherton, the Irish House of Commons passes "An Act for the Punishment for the Vice of Buggery".
November 11th, 1620 (November 11 1620)EventIn what is now Provincetown Harbor near Cape Cod, the Mayflower Compact is signed on the Mayflower, establishing the basic laws for the Plymouth Colony. (Old Style date; November 21 per New Style date.)
November 11th, 1500 (November 11 1500)EventTreaty of GranadaLouis XII of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon agree to divide the Kingdom of Naples between them.
November 11th, 1215 (November 11 1215)EventThe Fourth Lateran Council meets, defining the doctrine of transubstantiation, the process by which bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ.
November 11th, 0308 (November 11 0308)EventThe Congress of Carnuntum: Attempting to keep peace within the Roman Empire, the leaders of the Tetrarchy declare Maxentius and Licinius to be Augusti, while rival contender Constantine I is declared Caesar of Britain and Gaul.

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