November 11th Deaths

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November 11th, 2006 (November 11 2006)DeathBelinda Emmett, Australian actress (born in 1974)
November 11th, 2006 (November 11 2006)DeathHarry Lehotsky, pastor and activist (born in 1957)
November 11th, 2005 (November 11 2005)DeathPatrick Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield, British photographer (born in 1939)
November 11th, 2005 (November 11 2005)DeathPeter Drucker, American management theorist (born in 1909)
November 11th, 2005 (November 11 2005)DeathMoustapha Akkad, Syrian-American film producer and director (born in 1930)
November 11th, 2004 (November 11 2004)DeathYasser Arafat, Palestinian leader, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1929)Yasser Arafat Quotes
November 11th, 2004 (November 11 2004)DeathRichard Dembo, French director and screenwriter (born in 1948)
November 11th, 1999 (November 11 1999)DeathMary Kay Bergman, American voice actress (born in 1961)
November 11th, 1999 (November 11 1999)DeathJacobo Timmerman, Argentine writer and journalist (born in 1923)
November 11th, 1998 (November 11 1998)DeathFrank Brimsek, American ice hockey player (born in 1913)
November 11th, 1997 (November 11 1997)DeathRodney Milburn, American athlete (born in 1950)
November 11th, 1994 (November 11 1994)DeathJohn A. Volpe, 61st and 63rd Governor of Massachusetts, 2nd United States Secretary of Transportation (born in 1908)
November 11th, 1994 (November 11 1994)DeathPedro Zamora, Cuban-American AIDS activist (born in 1972)
November 11th, 1994 (November 11 1994)DeathTadeusz Zychiewicz, Polish journalist, art historian and publicist (born in 1922)
November 11th, 1993 (November 11 1993)DeathErskine Hawkins, American trumpet player and big band leader (born in 1914)
November 11th, 1990 (November 11 1990)DeathAlexis Minotis, Greek actor (born in 1898)
November 11th, 1990 (November 11 1990)DeathYiannis Ritsos, Greek poet, proposed nine times for the Nobel Prize for Literature, winner of the Lenin Peace Prize (born in 1909)
November 11th, 1990 (November 11 1990)DeathAttilio Demaria, Argentinian footballer (born in 1909)
November 11th, 1988 (November 11 1988)DeathWilliam Ifor Jones, Welsh conductor & organist (born in 1900)
November 11th, 1979 (November 11 1979)DeathDimitri Tiomkin, Ukrainian-born composer (born in 1894)
November 11th, 1977 (November 11 1977)DeathGreta Keller, Vienna-born cabaret singer and actress (born in 1903)
November 11th, 1977 (November 11 1977)DeathAbraham Sarmiento, Jr., Filipino journalist & political activist (born in 1950) Abraham Quotes
November 11th, 1976 (November 11 1976)DeathAlexander Calder, American artist (born in 1898)
November 11th, 1974 (November 11 1974)DeathAlfonso Leng, Chilean composer (born in 1894)
November 11th, 1973 (November 11 1973)DeathDavid "Stringbean" Akeman, American banjo player (born in 1915)
November 11th, 1973 (November 11 1973)DeathArtturi Ilmari Virtanen, Finnish chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1895)
November 11th, 1972 (November 11 1972)DeathBerry Oakley, Bass Player and founder, Allman Brothers Band (born in 1948)
November 11th, 1945 (November 11 1945)DeathJerome Kern, American composer (born in 1885)
November 11th, 1939 (November 11 1939)DeathJan Opletal, Czech student, victim of Nazi violence in Prague
November 11th, 1938 (November 11 1938)DeathTyphoid Mary, carrier of the typhoid disease (born in 1869)
November 11th, 1931 (November 11 1931)DeathShibusawa Eiichi, Japanese industrialist (born in 1840)
November 11th, 1918 (November 11 1918)DeathGeorge Lawrence Price, Canadian soldier, last person to be killed in W.W.I. (born in 1892)
November 11th, 1917 (November 11 1917)DeathLiliuokalani of Hawaii, Queen of Hawaii (born in 1838)
November 11th, 1884 (November 11 1884)DeathAlfred Brehm German zoologist (born in 1827)
November 11th, 1880 (November 11 1880)DeathNed Kelly, Australian bushranger (hanged) (born in c. 1855)
November 11th, 1880 (November 11 1880)DeathLucretia Mott, American feminist and abolitionist (born in 1793)
November 11th, 1862 (November 11 1862)DeathJames Madison Porter, American politician (born in 1793)James Madison Quotes
November 11th, 1855 (November 11 1855)DeathSoren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher (born in 1813) Philo Quotes
November 11th, 1831 (November 11 1831)DeathNat Turner, American slave rebel (born in 1800)
November 11th, 1812 (November 11 1812)DeathPlaton Levshin, Metropoitan of Moscow (born in 1737) Plato Quotes
November 11th, 1724 (November 11 1724)DeathJoseph Blake (alias Blueskin), English highwayman (executed) (born in c. 1700)
November 11th, 1686 (November 11 1686)DeathLouis II de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, French general (born in 1621)
November 11th, 1686 (November 11 1686)DeathOtto von Guericke, German scientist, inventor, and politician (born in 1602)
November 11th, 1638 (November 11 1638)DeathCornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem, Dutch painter (born in 1562)
November 11th, 1623 (November 11 1623)DeathPhilippe de Mornay, French writer (born in 1549)
November 11th, 0865 (November 11 0865)DeathPetronas the Patrician, Byzantine General
November 11th, 0826 (November 11 0826)DeathTheodore the Studite, saint
November 11th, 0537 (November 11 0537)DeathPope Silverius, saint
November 11th, 0405 (November 11 0405)DeathArsacius, intruding archbishop of Constantinople
November 11th, 0397 (November 11 0397)DeathMartin of Tours, French saint

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